I don’t usually

pay any attention to the ‘current affairs’ pages after signing out of email, but I couldn’t help but notice one article heading today. Titled something like ‘Top Five Celebrities In Tears’ or some such.

That’s not very fucking nice.

Even if you don’t like Kim Kardashian or whoever else was pictured having an outburst of some description, you gotta remember a couple of things.

  • Firstly – there are only a couple of reasons anyone would cry in public. Either you’re intentionally making a show of it (in which case, your dramatic faff needs to be ignored) or you’re simply too overtaken with distress to be able to save face.

Just because something’s public doesn’t mean that it’s not supposed to be private.

  • And then – most people I know understand the expression ‘adding insult to injury’. If you don’t, it basically implies that someone’s put the cherry on top of someone else’s bad-times desserts. Like if someone busts your lip and then tells everyone you know that it’s a herpes scab. Or if something of yours goes missing and then some asshole tries to sell it back to you. Or if you’re having a difficult time with something, then someone takes unflattering pictures of you and publicises them later on.

It doesn’t sit right with me.

So I found myself wondering – does anyone care when this what’s-your-face journalist/paparazzo is in tears, for whatever reason? Is this person alone when they’re at their most emotional? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it’s what they want; maybe it makes them miserable. I have no idea. But it may explain why they don’t mind being so damned insensitive.


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