A widely used l…

A widely used ligature,
damaged upon collision.
I saw the metal fall from your face.
The Current Shrift
says fractures are a gift,
but I say the black words have their place.

I cried when I saw the picture –
A space cadet’s crooked vision.
It wasn’t hard to take at the time.
A fistful of her hair;
She’ll say she doesn’t care.
But you’re too smart to swallow those lines.

For a fever dream and an illusion
Usage through fusion and collusion.
Lie where you like when I’m not home.
If it was such a victim-less crime
Why am I still on your mind?
Please leave your apology after the tone.

Words aren’t satellites
Dishes and receivers don’t like to fight.
You’re crying to a dropped phone.
I can fight the sky
And sell a new lie

I’m finally alone.

Formes Frustes – Cadet’s Fret (2014)


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