What the fuck kinda

What the fuck kinda

patronising bullshit is this?!

I’m all for picking up a book and learning something new, but this is just sad.
I could be old-fashioned, but I’m sure our elders deserve more after their patience with us when we were silly, little pants-shitting nonsense-machines.

They get to the age when the world is being run by machines they didn’t grow up with and nobody can be bothered sitting down with them for a minute to show a little patience and a decent sense of humour. So they have to fork out and turn to books that imply they’re stupid.

If Dawn Anderson isn’t too cool to go through the ‘loop-de-loop’ with me to do up my laces, then I’ve got time to take anyone through the basics of their own fucking home computer.

Word to your mother. Seriously.


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