Remember Sonic’s friend Locke?



I sure do. And not just for the namesake obviousness, but… he’s a great character. Had a hard time with his kid, exposed him to the Chaos Emeralds (makings of a sick little euphemism? sorry, I’ll stop), did the tough-love thing and made sure said kid became a Guardian. Just so Finitevus could ruin everything. So Papa Locke gives his life to break the spell and save Knuckles. Because that’s what Papa Locke does. Awww.
Never mind that Knuckles comes off like a disingenuous (I want to say ‘prick’ but that’s just… er… tragic) little bitch. Heheh. Totally does. And he lives on to berk about another day.

Oh, Knuckles. You’ve come a long way. It’s been difficult. But that’s not on you. You’re a good kid. C’mere, ya little fucker.

Thanks BumbleKing Comics Forum members for not bollocks-ing my stupid questions.

Wheeee. I’m going underground.


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