Unrelated to Murder the ‘Burbs, but just as fictional

Tanglewang announced their fifth studio album titled ‘Drama Sutra’ on all national networks today. As their first release since the ill-advised publication of ‘the Backdoor Thugbuggery Sessions’, they are understandably keen to get stuck into some new meat.

This is also in the wake of various accusations of slander made against frontman Double Scrotus following his racially-charged statements against drummer O. Fucksticks‘ partner, Bona Fide.

Far be it from me to further such faff, but I can’t ignore that the phrase ‘finger trap-a-nese’ was used. The more you know, huh?


Would you like some bigotry with your barn-stomping?

Still, it’s an album to get involved in.

If I had to say anything about it, I’d say it furthers the concept of their second EP ‘Pound Town’s Burning Down’ in the way that listeners felt a true sense of jeopardy at their hearing their previous ideologies ‘burning down’. Nomesayin’? And this recent release (only 10% methane, promise) provides the handbook to fuck the pain away. Which only gets more dramatic as time goes on.

Doesn’t it?


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