Screaming Trees for the Team-ing Squeeze…

Screaming Trees for the Team-ing Squeeze...

Okay, I’ll give up on the horrible wordplay. But I’m leaving it there because I felt clever for a second or two.

Sometimes, I don’t like talking / writing about how much I like a band and their music. It can make me sound pretty stupid. In a RABIDFANGIRLSDLAJNKAVFH kind of way, which is to say, abrasive. So many people do it. And I wonder the fuck why. I think the main point would have to be self-expression, but sometimes you gotta think: Will the men in white suits show up if I say this? And do I actually mean it? Or am I just wanking out loud to the very people I should be relating to?

Eugh. People who say stuff like “I’d have sex with his voice” and “The things I’d do to have five minutes with her…”. No. Stop. I’m too adventurous in my mental imagery to deal with that shit, really. I certainly don’t feel that way about even my very favourite people. It’s their work I love – I don’t know the people behind it all. I’d like to meet them, sure, but unless I had something interesting to say / ask, I’d be wasting their time.

I like Screaming Trees a lot. I am a fan of theirs. I like to listen to their music. I’m always curious about the different music each of the members create outside of that whole thing. I think it’s exciting to find something new by someone familiar and I’m sure you do too. I can’t account for my tastes in things, and exaggerating my love for something won’t help that.

(If I did, would that make me a Squealing Twig? A Screeching Topiary? Oh, got it. Gushing Shrub. I know the abbreviation / initials don’t work. Hush now. I digress.)

Anyway, I read that this was taken during the ‘Sworn and Broken’ video in 1996 by a man named Dean Kant.
Even though I don’t like giving arbitrary meaning to coincidences, I’m going ahead and mentioning that I was also reading up on what ‘a priori / posteriori’ means, which were ideas developed and noted by Immanuel Kant.

P.S.: the NZ accent really wrecks the pronunciation of the name, doesn’t it? Makes it sound… well… ‘cunty’. Or ‘kent-y'(?). There. So let’s try and use our mid-open vowels properly and be glad that we’re having philosophical discussions. Yay!


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