Colbert, mon frère.

Oh, god. Don’t you just love when you rip someone the fuck out and they take offense in such an unpredictable way.
I guess it just furthers your point when you’re trying to prove someone’s an idiot.
But… O’Reilly… wow.

I thought we were measuring blithe-banter-bullshit in units of ‘Couric’… so now maybe 10 ‘milli-Courics’ make up an ‘O’Reilly’. ‘Couric’ units could actually be obsolete by now. So maybe ‘Giga-O’Reillys’ could also be called… ‘John-Key-lometres’?
Hmm. I’m thinking I could have a pretty sick gauge of idiocy done up by the end of the week. Something to think about. I’ll work on it. But I digress.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to auction off an old Dexter’s Lab DVD of mine for more than $100 and contribute the proceeds towards a xenophilic info-tainment charity. I’m sure that’s a thing. One can only dream.

Oh, well. I don’t feel like cursing idiots today. I feel like laughing at them. SO THANKS MR COLBERT OH PLEASE DON’T KILL YOURSELF PLEASE.

Heheh. Comedy is art. I ain’t playin’.

Bonhomie, mes amis!


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