Writing 101: All You Jerks

I spend a lot of time complaining and criticising people and their ways, so I’m glad this prompt focuses on what’s good about the realm we can’t help but exist in.

While it’s true that I’d miss seeing trees / grass / greenery a lot and that I’d miss animals even more, I’ve got to admit that I’d miss other people the most. Some people in particular, but also simply ‘other people’ as a whole.

All those times things change dramatically with the viewpoint of someone else. All the conversations; some seriously important, some seriously silly. Who would I annoy with my own ideas? Who’s gonna be there to laugh at my terrible jokes? Who’s got the advice I may or may not follow? The last thing I want is to literally be as alone as I sometimes feel.

That scares me. It really does.

I mean… I’m sure space is great and everything, but… yeah. It’s just not worth the anti-grav, I’m afraid.

P.S.: Also, as a shameless consumer of art in all its forms, what would I do if I couldn’t keep at it? I guess I’d have to find other life forms and get stuck into their idea of culture. I’m sure Martian Industrial EDM is a thing, right? And there better be some statues or paintings of something, or I’ll just start making things up… which may not scare me but could scare others.


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