We may not be very big and we may be in a bit of debt, but we’re good and that’s great. But I’m gonna be ‘that guy’ and go on about there being room for improvement and offer up my own idealistic suggestions.

Further suggestions (directed mainly at Dear Leader):

  • Not selling off natural assets for mining purposes. Non-human animals live here too, and people also like coming here to see what’s nice about this place so let’s not cover it in craters and tyre-tracks and such. The nation does not like being sold, no matter what policy gets played with and how.
  • Addressing child poverty. Let’s focus less on using iPads for “homework” (Like Windows Firewall is enough. They’re doing what the fuck they want because they’re smarter than we think) and turn our sights towards making sure stomachs are full and feet are shod. It’s hard to learn when you’re worrying about the basics of survival. Add social pressures to the mix and the little one doesn’t have a chance. Come on now.
  • The decrease of subsidy towards a lot of medications and treatments. If we’re pinching pennies, leave the sick and poor out of it. Seriously. Don’t piss on us and then go to press saying it rained on us. That’s what I think of when someone in a dress shirt says “trickle-down”. That’s something no amount of hand washing can fix. DON’T TOUCH. EW EW EW.
  • Do something about Christchurch please. There are parts we still can’t drive through and houses that got left in a hurry and a lot of good friends and family still feeling the effects. We’re good at pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps, but it gets us down when we hear about you and your ilk investing in some ill-advised, secretive, selfish shit. It’s like when someone owes you money and suddenly they’re off buying shots for someone you’ve never met and probably wouldn’t have a lot of things to talk about if you did. You are acting like a really crappy friend and we’re more than a little offended.
  • Criminal rehabilitation. You can’t just lock someone up and then let them out when their sentence is over like school’s out for summer. It fucks them over and it irrefutably messes with the rest of us too. RECIDIVISM IS A THING. Stop acting like it’s not. I’m also talking about rehabilitation for people addicted to illegal things who think they need help because quite often these two groups overlap and it’s not right to expect someone to focus on doing better and being a better person when the root cause of suffering isn’t addressed. I think about this a lot.

I better stop before I get too down about things. Wait, one more thing:

YOU, VOTARY PUBLIC. Let’s not vote the bankers in again. It’s just not working out for us. So let’s not try eating our own vomit because it was once cake and take some time to consider finding something new and better for us. Like… hmm… it’s hard to think on this high horse, I think the altitude’s getting to me. Or is it a rant elephant? Uh, cake.

I better wrap it up before I get too pessimistic because that’s of no real use. We’re great for how small we are and that’s a nice thing. I’m still somewhat proud. But let’s think a little harder anyway. Please and thank you.


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