Dear Connor Toole,

You don’t actually have to live up to your surname.

It’s a shame you thought you had to, for the sake of vapid clickbait.

That was neither smart nor funny.

I’m not a great writer myself, but I believe I lack a certain air of smugness that permeated your article. I’m certainly not used to it. I read a few others and I couldn’t shake the feeling. I tried.

A terrible place, though? Have you ever been anywhere terrible? A Facebook feed full of annoying stuff isn’t terrible. It’s annoying. And annoying comes from all ages and backgrounds. I’m annoying quite often too, so I believe we can identify on that level.

Seriously now, do you really wanna be known for a protracted version of “LOL OLD PPL SUCK LOL”? Because that’s kinda what it was.

Yours sincerely,

Ilene Locke.

P.S.: Mark Ruffalo bores me as an actor. I hope that annoys you for a minute. I also heard tall people die sooner. You like unsubstantiated claims, don’t you?

Here’s the piece in question, titled 14 Ways Old People Make Social Media A Terrible Place For Everyone. You better hit the jump because this guy obviously needs the attention. What a win. Ugh. Those poor “millennials”.

Unbelievable. Where’s the sense?

edit 4/12/2014 – you Googling yourself, bro? Someone keeps viewing this post at least once a week, and I know it’s not because it was interesting. Anyway, hi there! Thanks for the skewing of metrics, I guess?


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