Procrastination is…

…listening to this whole thing and then only realising at the end that all you’ve got to show for 45 minutes is a really detailed picture of mittens. I was supposed to be doing Spanish vocab.

At least I labeled them ‘izquierda’ and ‘derecha’. What a champ. That’s me. I’m a champ.

P.S.: Remember that version of Burning Down the House that Tom Jones and and the Cardigans did? Tom Jones. Now I’m thinking about Tom Jones? Well.
A few years ago, I once saw him outside an inner-city theatre when I was walking past. I distinctly remember he said “Hey, darlin’.” So I said something like “Hiya!” because that’s what you do when someone smiles at you and says hello or some such. I only realised it was him when I later passed a poster of him advertising the fact he was performing here.
My dad’s still kinda annoyed I didn’t stop to chat, which makes me laugh. I’M NOT SURE WHAT WE WOULD’VE TALKED ABOUT BUT I’M SORRY DAD OK

Ugh I’m messing around again


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