If I Was A Robot

If I was a robot,
I would have a directive.
I would not be truly free,
but I would always know what to do.
Arbeit macht frei.

Ein zwei drei.
There would be no self-destructive voices
to hush by keeping busy.
There would be no impulses
apart from electricity.
A sense of dread replaced by momentum.
A visceral sinking replaced by hydraulics.
I would have a maker and not a mother.
I would have a system rather than a soul.
I would have three laws to operate by
and no arbitrary obligations.

No more dreams of leaving my station,
no more urges to transcend my current state.
I only hope
for someone
to dismantle me
when I’m done being beneficial to the world at large.

Is that really so strange?

Formes Frustes – Weenie Wants To Be A Machine (2015)


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