I need to learn

some more languages…
or hang out with people I know who can speak differently with me.

Sorry, but you English-speakers just aren’t cutting it lately.
Nothing personal.
I’m just sick of your inherent contradictions that bleed through your terminologies, despite how well you mean.

This goes for all of you.

It’s like you’re painting me a beautiful picture with your own shit.

Sure, you conveyed the message you set out to express…
…but it’s still made of shit, so excuse me if I don’t step any closer.
It’s still art, but YOUR MEDIUM IS SHIT.

No wonder my mother loves to hang out with her fellow Tongans so much.

Again, nothing personal.
It’s not your fault you were only given shit to paint with, and no brushes whatsoever.

I’d just like to go out and get some more paints, that’s all.


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