H: your being weird. whats wrong

I: I know, that’s why I left. Sorry, but I can’t explain right now.

H: fuckin queer bitch. was just asking

I: I needed to be alone. Not everyone’s going to explain themselves to you all the time.

H: fuck off then

I: Yeah. I’m trying to. Bye.

H: whats your fuckin problem

H: I said whats your fucking problem

H: I was trying to be nice

H: this is why no1 likes you

H: be alone all u want now

H: ppl try to help n your just ungreatful

H: u need waste but your just a waste of space

H: *space

H: your a waste of space n u want more space lol

H: ru OK?

I: What the fuck?

H: oh ffs what have I done this time psycho

I: Don’t message me anymore.

H: fuck up ya dumb slut

H: still up on your high horse

H: your just a ded fuk, everyone knows it

H: your mouths good for 1 thing n it aint talking lol

H: close your legs I can smell your breath

H: actin like your not a whore but u r

H: probly off fuckin for rent aye?? sorry I have no cash for you lol maybe if I did you would reply

H: clinic wont even have ya anymore haha

H: rank cunt

H: I miss you

H: can we talk

H: reply to me

H: go fuck yourself

H: I just wanted to be nice to you but you alredy decided Im the bad guy

H: stupid slut mind games

H: I hope you die