Ah, fucks. Fuckity-fuck-fucks.

Me, myself, and… uh… her.

My name’s Ilene and I like to think thoughts. And then share opinions on said thoughts.
I seem articulate, but don’t let that fool you.

What can you expect? Let me see…

  • Shouts of spite & spouts of shite (thanking Mark Lamarr for that one)
  • Musings on childhood nonsense
  • Things that rhyme and are mine (slow-clap)
  • Awkward confessional stuff

Just… things that spend time in front of my face and/or between my ears, I’d say.

I am twenty-seven according to my birth certificate, so let’s trust that.

I live in New Zealand, which I enjoy. As a country, it’s like my favourite type of person: a veritable mix of smart and silly, sensible yet surprising. According to me, at least.

I like artistic things, comedic things and literary things. And… uh… some pretty depressing things too, but that’s life and we’re all adults here and blahblahblah.

That’s a lot of things, you know.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy yourself here.


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