Biblioklept – literary excerpts and some fine art, among other things.

Dunedin Wears the Pants – indeed we do. Fashion, art and music.

GABFRAB – some weird shit from a different walk of life. Good-weird, I assure you. Ever slept in your car? Or eaten off the ground? Don’t throw out that cardboard, someone might need it!

Shut Up Hamish! – some thoughtful reviews of a wide variety of films, books and music.

Pride In Madness – a worthy spokesperson for emotional issues like mine. Who says painful humanity can’t be turned into an asset?

ExtracapsularExtraction – Worthy opinions on whatever the fuck he wants. I rate this. Hard to sum up when this one’s so new, so I’ll be watching this space like the rest of you (Shhh. By “vague”, I think you mean “exciting”. That’s better!” ).

I apologise for the sparsity of links. I don’t want it to make you sad. Instead, be comforted by the fact that I wouldn’t shove just any old faff in your face. See? It really is nicer this way and not at all not-nice, which is actually nicer than nice and, let’s face it, powerfully descriptive. Which, I’m sure, is just the nicest. Like this (I only held my burny-pukes because I’m genuinely sure this person means well, which could possibly be a new definition of ‘nice’. Sickening, but well-meaning…?).

Wow, that became a thing rather quickly.

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