It turns out that

being a tiny bit of a smartass still makes me feel better, even after all these years. No matter how sad I am.
I’m not talking about threatening or insulting people, just about being a bit of an idiot and talking absolute nonsense.
People sometimes get angry when they can’t process or laugh at said nonsense, so if that becomes obvious, it’s not really that fun anymore.
It’s not that fun to straight-up piss people off, unless they’re the type to think that pissing people off is fun, in which case I like to prove them right by seeing if their own views apply to them. Yep. I’m sure there’s a point…?
I dunno. I’m too busy rustling jimmies.

In any case, I wonder if my parents would be happy with this or not; on one hand, not many parents like the thought of their first-born being sexually active, but I'm sure they love the thought of me eventually having children one day. They'd be pretty nice grandparents, in my opinion.

The internet is a playground and I’ll talk shit if I want to…?

P.S.: There’s no way I mean to offend those who don’t feel the need to have sex like others do. In fact, I once identified as demisexual and grey-A, until it didn’t make sense for me to do so. I still talk to the people on the forum featured in the shitty screencap above; turns out they don’t judge. Love it.

P.P.S.: Yes, I thought it’d also be funny to have a Scientology profile pic. #YODELO-HEY-HEE-HOO. Yep. I’ve been trolling the Humanists. I love them, but the fuckers can’t take a joke (albeit lame as shit), so I can’t help but mess with them right now. I’ll get bored of it soon, probably.


Space Chips (not the same as Ghost Chips)

Broken headgear and emotional outbursts?
People around you starting to act like you’re being repetitive?
Driving everyone nuts, starting with yourself?
Maybe you own a spaceship you haven’t built yet.
Maybe it’s OK to act a bit “weird” or “unorthodox” or “like a fuckin’ weenie” so long as you have a main directive you believe in.
Also, make sure to speak up when everyone else is dicking around during a crisis.
P.S.: I’m pretty sure a lot of excellent people act this way all the time and not just in stories.
I hope I’m right about that.