Now I’m not telling you to shut your stupid bitch mouth… that’d just be harsh, wouldn’t it? I’d like for you to draw that conclusion by yourself – and try not to pass out from the shame of it all.


A widely used ligature,
damaged upon collision.
I saw the metal fall from your face.
The Current Shrift
says fractures are a gift,
but I say the black words have their place.

I cried when I saw the picture –
A space cadet’s crooked vision.
It wasn’t hard to take at the time.
A fistful of her hair;
She’ll say she doesn’t care.
But you’re too smart to swallow those lines.

For a fever dream and an illusion
Usage through fusion and collusion.
Lie where you like when I’m not home.
If it was such a victim-less crime
Why am I still on your mind?
Please leave your apology after the tone.

Words aren’t satellites
Dishes and receivers don’t like to fight.
You’re crying to a dropped phone.
I can fight the sky
And sell a new lie

I’m finally alone.

Formes Frustes – Cadet’s Fret (2014)

I’m going to have to stop you at ‘cross-dressing’. I can’t tell you what to like, but I can explain why that term gets at me. You’re talking about a man who decided to wear some clothes he liked in his own home. And he felt a lot of shame. Yet I can wear all the hi-tops I like without guilt. Sweatshirts, jeans, tunics, anything I like. Which makes me happy.
There’s no ‘cross-dressing’ in my mind, just dressing in general. We wear clothes because they are a social convention, they keep us safe from the elements and simply because we like them, among other reasons I can’t think of right now. Clothing should be what’s being cut to fit, not our reasons to wear things.

My reaction to someone’s views on ‘what made the Ed Wood movie suck balls’ (Yes, they actually said that).

I heard you’d rather die
Than be somebody’s father.
Can’t say I’d mind
Either way.
I’d rather fall apart alone
If it’s all the same.
I simply can’t afford to play those games.
And lost causes can’t fall down that many stairs.
Even if you met me at the bottom,
I’m not so sure you’d care.
So for all the red flags and Ruby’s ruins
Some funerals will last years.
I hope the ashes taint your skin forever.
No concussion could cancel out
No shadow could cast a doubt
On the fact that we were ever together.
There’s evidence now
In the shape of a heart
I’m coming back for her.
I’m going down.

Formes Frustes – Note to Self (2013)